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[i.e.,TRADING CAPITAL ] The reasonable amount to start trading would be Rs:50,000/- or more [one can start with lesser amount also, but then one's trading limit would be proportionately lower.] Normally in CASH MARKET SEGMENT the trading exposure of 7 to 8 times of the initial capital is allowed.

This means one can trade upto Rs:4,00,000/-, with Rs:50,000/- as initial capital. However, in F & O SEGMENT of the market Rs:50,000/- as initial capital would enable one to take a position [buy or sell ] one future contract requiring margin of Rs:50,000/- or less. Therefore if one is interested more in F & O Segment, it will be better to have more amount in the account as TRADING CAPITAL. Howmuch more ? depends, ofcourse, upon one's financial capacity.

NO. It is not necessary to trade everyday. Experience has shown that it is better to trade or take a position only on having reliable information, backed by fundamental & technical study and other relevant information.

The purpose of setting stop-loss limit [orders] is to safe guard one from the effect of wide scale fluctuation in the prices of the scrips . however it should be noted that all stop loss orders does not necessarily get triggered and results into trade as desired. Consequently a stop loss order may remain as such and the order/s may get subjected to the effect of the wide fluctuation in the prices.

The answer is NO. Experience says that overtrading is one of the root causes of financial disaster. Trader should be very clear about his financial capacity. A reasonable expectation of Return on your capital [trading capital ] is what will see you through, for long time in financial market.

Investment should be in the nature of MEDIUM TERM TO LONG TERM. Ideally, an investment should be for a long term, say for more than 5 years, to be able to reap the benefit of the trade cycle/s of the business/es. Trading on the other hand is of SHORT TERM nature. As the name suggests it is done with a view to book small profit or loss. However there are products in the F & O SEGMENT, that if properly used could result into good return on the trading capital. It is correctly said " NEVER INVEST LIKE A TRADER AND NEVER TRADE LIKE AN INVESTOR"

It is always better not to discuss you trade or investment with others. This is because others may have a very genuine difference of opinion about investment or trade that you have entered into.

Yes. This is possible now. All you need is a good mobile hand set having required application. Present day technology has made it so useful and easier for one to even trade while one is on the move. For more details you may contact the customer care number.

Check [verify] the SMS given for any day with the record maintained in the track sheet under the respective 'SERVICES'.

As per our policy, no CASH REFUND will be given. For more details, please refer to the "REFUND POLICY".

In the cash market segment you are required to invest full amount of the purchase made.
For ex: if you buy 250 shares of reliance industries @ 800/- p/share, then you are required to have Rs: 2,00,000/= [250*800] in your trading account before the T+2 settlement cycle is complete. [T+2 means trading day + 2 working days.] However, the same number of shares i.e., 250 shares of reliance industries can be bought as one future contract of a particular month in the future & option segment of the market by having only the required margin amount, which is presently Rs:40,000/=.[approx..] Essentially the future & option contracts are leveraged products.
Note of caution here: "IT'S A HIGH RISK HIGH RETURN PRODUCT"

The quantity [market lot] is fixed by the stock exchange. You can buy or sell, more or less number of contracts. Minimum number of contract, of course, being one.

Presently, all the future contracts expire on the last Thursday of the month. If the last Thursday of the month does not happen to be a working day, then the contract would expire one working day prior to the referred Thursday.

Not necessarily. One can book profit or loss anytime before the contract expires.

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