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                                          ABOUT US
about share kuber SHARE KUBER is headed by Mr. kamlesh Mehta based in Bangalore and is having experience of more than 15 years in the Indian Stock market. SHARE KUBER is a registered concern. Its objective is to provide “quality buy / sell calls” on Indian equity shares & derivatives segment of the stock market.

These calls are based on fundamental & technical analysis. SHARE KUBER’s objective is to put in sincere efforts to see that each client be able to make reasonable profit on their trading capital.
We understand that presently the investment and trading decision have become very complex for a common man. Investment decision requires sufficient research do be done on respective company. In the present complex life style, an individual does not have time to do the kind of research that is required for making Investment decisions. Also, there is a segment of investors who are interested in Trading daily, i.e, Intraday Trading. But, here too, "TIME" is a constraint. However, there is one big advantage the emerging Technology has offered, and that is, possibility of Investing/Trading in Share Market, Commodities, Currencies, etc, which is possible 'online' is now possible on mobile phones too. This is like a boon to those who keep moving intra/inter cities. Infact, it is beneficial to even those who are normally less mobile. By just a click, one can log in & take Investment/Trade Decisions. Initially, this was possible on desktops, then on laptops, & now, "PALM TOPS" i.e, your mobile handsets. What a great technological advancament !! Each one of us, should take maximum advantage of this technology & experience the ease that it offers in investing & trading. Here, our services could be Very Helpful.

All you have to do is take a free trial for 2 days, by registering for the same. If satisfied, get registered for the services that are offered. We are offering all the services at a reasonable price. For details, please check under "Pricing"

We strongly believe that if expectations are realistic, results are bound to be fruitful. 
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